Distribution channels


In today’s modern Beate Uhse shops, customers find everything that makes lovemaking even more fun: love toys, lingerie and wellness products. 60 shops in three European countries offer the unique Beate Uhse shopping experience across a variety of leading local brands such as Beate Uhse in Germany, Pabo in Belgium and Adam & Eve in France, all reflecting the modern and attractive image of the company.


Mail order

In 10 European countries, the Group sells its products to customers through catalogues, mailings and e-commerce. Online orders are gaining importance, as customers appreciate the anonymity and speed of this distribution channel. In Germany, Poland and Austria the Group operates under the "Beate Uhse“ brand name, while the “Pabo“ brand is used in the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic and the UK and the “Adam & Eve“ brand in France. Thousands of orders are shipped daily to consumers across Europe from our state of the art distribution centre in the Netherlands.


Beate Uhse offers its customers digital entertainment via Internet, downloads and both mobile and fixed telephony. Webcam shows and video-on-demand give customers access to a wide variety of adult content. The entertainment offerings, which include portals such as MovieOn, HotcamsOn, PrivatPorno and EnjoyOn, are available in several languages.

Beate Uhse wholesale

The Beate Uhse wholesale center in Almere, near Amsterdam is logistics provider and retail centre of the own mail-order and its own retail stores as well as external customers. Scala Playhouse delivers sex and erotic products all over the world. In addition to market novelties, the product portfolio offers interesting own brands, including Toy Joy, Mae B, Extase and Geisha. 120 orders can be processed at one time, several thousand articles per day will be sent. Customers of the important German market will benefit from the advice and support of the local ZBF sales team in Wiesbaden.