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Beate Uhse – a brand defined by confidence

The Beate Uhse brand got a completely new look with the repositioning in 2014. We are feminine, modern and confident when it comes to the topics of sexuality, seduction and sensuality. That’s our message, both in the online shop and in the retail stores.

Beate Uhse is one of the best-known brands in Germany. We are a brand defined by confidence and not only fulfil the desires of our customers but also encourage and inspire them to live their dreams and experience their sexuality.

 Beate Uhse bekommt einen neuen Look

Our message is this: The world is loud, bright and exciting – a playground for explorers. And that’s exactly what our customers are. Currently, 70% of our customers are women – and this proportion is steadily increasing. This shows that modern women in particular are confident in expressing their sexuality. They have the confidence to shed their inhibitions and take things one step further, making them trendsetters who break taboos, surprising themselves and others. We want to support them in every way, so we way: “Get out there! Make the world your playground, discover your personality and express it – dare to experiment!”